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A cross-continent comparison of educational attainment reveals a peculiar pattern specific to Africa. The rate of attainment of levels of education up until about the secondary level is relatively low in the African community relative to other parts of the world, however, Nigeria’s attainment rate is amongst one of the highest of  the African countries analyzed. As far as access to education is concerned, it would therefore appear that Nigeria is doing well throughout most of the primary and secondary phases and poorly thereafter. However, it is important to understand that high rates of grade progression despite a generally low quality of schooling in the primary and early secondary phases leads to substantial drop-out prior to the standardized matric examination, failure to pass matric and failure to achieve a university endorsement – all reasons for discontinuing education. A closer analysis of access to education in Nigeria thus points to a deeper problem of quality: Other problems facing the education system in Nigeria includes:

  • Poor accessibility to quality education
  • Poor quality of Government education
  • Low investment in Education
  • Expense of Education
  • Poorly Trained Teachers
  • The abasement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in educational institution



Learnark focuses on Africa and other developing nations, we are a strong believer that knowledge is a key factor to the development of a nation, and given the access to it will play a strong role in producing an outstanding nation. After intensive and comprehensive research by our team, we realize that there are certain factors limiting the developing economies. Education proves to be one of the major prevalent factor, and because of this finding we try to look for means to eradicate or lessen this effect.

Technology has been proven to intensify critical literacy skills in the twenty-first (21st) century and the evolution of the internet has also contributed to various prominent changes around the world, therefore we decided that the easiest and most relevant way to offer education is by collaborating students and teachers through technology. We believe that technology such as E-learning and the MOOC system can greatly influence the education system. Although for this to work effectively, electricity and internet should be provided at cheap rates. With the introduction of renewable energy such as Solar and also with the initiation of cheap data bundle plans by network providers there is hope for this great Continent.


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