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The term entrepreneur seems to be one of the most familiar word in the developed nation and even in the developing worlds for centuries to come. With the geometric increase of unemployment in developing nations, this term is something that is quickly embraced by illiterate and literate in order for them to survive and fend for their immediate family. Daile Tucker a world leading entrepreneur defined an entrepreneur as “a person who has decided to take control of his future and become self-employed whether by creating his own unique business or working as a member of a team”. Also, according to Merriam-Webster online an entrepreneur is “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise”. With numerous definition of an entrepreneur or entrepreneurship the major idea is creating value and making financial profit from it.

Web-Entrepreneurship may not be so much of a familiar term or an enterprise that may earn one financial independence, but amazingly the richest people in the world are webpreneurs. Webpreneurship is using the vast power of the internet to create an enterprise. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), Elon Musk (CEO SpaceX), Susan Wojcicki (CEO Youtube), Linda Ikeji (Founder,, Bill Gates (Founder Microsoft), Jason Njoku (Founder IrokoTV) to mention but few are people who have use the power of the internet to create value and amass wealth for themselves.

Today, Nigeria is among countries with great number of emerging start-ups. The technology sector is among the fastest growing sectors in the country most especially the medium and small scale start-ups. Almost 65% of the start-ups are web based. Even the other percentage which will try to remain must have a website to survive. At Learnark our mission is to provide individuals of all ages with skills that would help improve their lives and keep-up with the ever-changing society. As part of our mission, we are training five thousand (5000) high school students to become internet entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills they need to create web based projects. Learnark also created a Webreneurship course content on its MOOC where everybody can access knowledge that can make take advantage of the internet to become financially stable.

At the end of taking the WEBRENEURSHIP course on Learnark, participant/students would be able to start a web-based project, bring amazing ideas to life with technology, offer technology services to SME’S and large organization and become a technology entrepreneur. Certificates will be awarded to students who completes the course. While high school students that would take trainings would be given internship opportunities and referrals to leading organizations. Registration is opened to all interested student. You can register on

“An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and builds a business that profit from that opportunity” ~ Robert Kiyosaki






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