Globally Integrated Classrooms

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By the time today’s students join the workforce, there would be great request for them to have the ability to work in a cross-cultural environment. A lot of parents especially in Africa understand this importance and that is why you see most family willing to spend all their life income in order to send their wards abroad to gain cross-cultural competency to meet up with labor market request. There were 380,376 African students on the move in 2010, representing about a tenth of all international students worldwide and 6% of all African students, this number keeps increasing tremendously as the years go by. Besides the fact that parents want their children to study in conducive environment, they also want them to network and connect with foreign students which they impulsively believe will give them the connections to get a good job anywhere around the world.

Beyond job seeking benefit of having a globally integrated environment to have studied in, there are huge and countless benefits it could offer. Globally unified classrooms encourages creative representations of the world, breaks stereotypes when selecting international images, decrease environmental integrity and limits cultural expressions.

But is it only by having an international education that give an individual access to a global classroom?

The invention of MOOC’S and Open Coursewares seem to be a solution to help global classrooms accessible to all. Most Platforms such as Coursera, Futurelearn, Edx, Learnark has given opportunities for students who cannot afford exorbitant fees to travel internationally to become globally incorporated. Anyone can now have access to interact with different students with same skill/educational interest from any part of the world, and work on projects together without physically leaving their geographical terrain. Things like online Peer grading on Coursera is one of the many strategies to create a global integrated classrooms on MOOC’S, and it has been proven there are many more interactions in the virtual environment of a MOOC than in a physical environment. This suggests that MOOCs can play a real role in offering access to education to those who need it the most.


Adedolapo Oguntayo

CEO, Learnark


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