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Some years ago, I started a social project called the Students and Teenagers Empowerment Project (STEP). One of the main activities of STEP was organizing a monthly event where successful people meet with young people and share the lessons and knowledge that has made them successful. Looking back, I can see the influence the sessions made in the lives of many of the attendees especially on my team of teenage volunteers that help organize the events.

 Learnark has been built with the same intention; to help people develop themselves so they can achieve better results in life. Learnark is a Massive Open Online Course platform with a mission to help people acquire relevant knowledge they can use to improve their lives. High quality courses have been provided by top training institutions and leading organizations. The courses have been specially designed to help learners know more in different fields such as Business and Management, Creative Arts and Media, Science and Technology, Academics and Agriculture.

You can start learning on Learnark by selecting from our range of course. Remember to invite a friend to take part in a course with you via email and social media when you join.

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Opeoluwa Great
Co-Founder, Learnark


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